Thank you to everyone who made HNS 2021 a wild, successful, and very hot nozzle summer. Keep an eye on our social media for updates on HNS 2022!

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Date: Summer 2022           Location: TBA

#HotNozzleSummer was created as a collective vibe and experience for people to share together. If you are unable to attend the event, you can still participate in Hot Nozzle Summer. If you're working on a Hot Nozzle - you're part of the program! WELCOME

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Build a Rocket &

Get Certified

Build your own high-power rocket, fly it, and become a certified rocketeer

Network With 


Attend the event with participants and professionals from both the private and public industry

Make New 


Make new life-long friendships that share a similar love for space and rocketry

Learn New 


Complete those last-second builds with other rocketeers to learn new tips, tricks, and skills

Connecting Dots

The Origin

Hot Nozzle Summer is a movement within the amateur rocket community that seeks to break down the barriers that exist within the hobby and make it more accessible to new people, regardless of skill or training in rocketry or engineering. This movement celebrates all aspects of rocketry whether its getting a Level 1 high powered certification through NAR or Tripoli, or just shooting model rockets in the backyard with your kids this summer. You do not have to come to the live event to participate in the movement.

It was all born in a digital supernova on Twitter. It began as a joke, but the idea spread like wildfire.


For the history on how this began, you can check out this Twitter thread 


On July 23-25, we gathered in southern California at Friends of Amatuer Rocketry (FAR) for a weekend of celebration of the hobby.  At FAR we will launch all the rockets we can! We will have people available to certify you for Level 1 and Level 2 in NAR.

Check out the certification rules for NAR and Tripoli:

NAR Level 1                    Tripoli Level 1

NAR Level 2                    Tripoli Level 2

NAR Level 3                    Tripoli Level 3